African-American ePublishing And Digital Company Writers Block Production, LLC Launches Writers Block Kids, A Collaboration With Studomatrix 

Writers Block Production’s President & CEO, Paula Perry, says the company is involved in ePublishing, eCards creation, and software and app game development.

Perry says the company embraces contemporary topics. Most recently, the company completed a project to develop gaming apps from a children’s book. “Our goal is to publish and develop high-quality offerings,” she says. Writers Block Production has already garnered approval from Roku, Amazon Prime, and several additional streaming services.

Writers Block Production recently annexed to Writers Block Kids, and added streaming films, TV shows, and live video gaming to their services. Now movie directors, producers, film students, and writers can submit their animated short films, movies, and documentaries.

Writers Block Production also operates Voices Without, a platform to serve a range of talented, committed creative artists who lack funds to align with streaming, gaming, and publishing companies. “Our work with them allows them to continue to focus on what makes them happy, and partner with people who invest in them.”

Perry says, “I was frustrated when I completed my first novel with working so hard to get my foot in the publishing house’s door. I know other people are facing the same battle trying to get their creative work out into the world.”

Perry’s own children’s books and games include publications include The Hot Cross Bun, My Aunt Is A Witch, Ms. Paula’s Garden, and Samantha Makes An A. Her romance novels include Inner Turmoil, Hard Love (Part One), Hard Love (Part Two), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part One), Romance Of A Lifetime (Part Two). And The Self-Help Guide For The Enthusiastic Writer.

Name: Paula Perry

Phone: 901-218-8604

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